SendGrid Partners with FullContact and the Denver Broncos to Tackle STEM

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Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver
SendGrid is excited to be partnering will FullContact and the world champion Denver Broncos to host the Tackle STEM Colorado All-Stars Hackathon this fall. The Colorado All-Stars Hackathon offers participants an opportunity to interact with professionals from the industry and gain insightful knowledge about their chosen stream of study. The goal is to challenge aspiring students and technology enthusiasts to explore feasible ideas, develop their team skills and strengthen their network. Read More ›

Announcing SendGrid’s Second Annual Email Matters Event in NYC


We’re getting excited for our second annual Email Matters event in New York at 404, on September 16. Once again, we’re bringing together nearly 200 marketers and developers for an afternoon focused on user engagement, customer data insights, and email strategy best practices.   Speakers and Agenda This year, we’re sharing the stage with our customers including The Ladders’ VP of Growth & Marketing, Deepa Miglani, our customer keynote speaker. We are also hosting two panel discussions moderated by SendGrid’s VP of Support and Business Operations, Ken Apple. The first discussion with Juan Soprano of Pixable and Ben Hindman of Splash will focus on the evolution of engagement. You’ll hear firsthand how companies are shifting the way they’re building relationships with customers–from

Learn the Anatomy of a Marketing Email


When you think of what goes into a marketing email, what comes to mind? A subject line? Maybe a call to action (CTA)? What about a pre-header? Or a footer that includes your physical address? A surprising amount of different content pieces come together to create a marketing email. To craft the most effective campaign, you need to know the best practices (and insider tips) on how to implement these pieces. Join us this Thursday, September 3rd at 1 PM ET as our resident email marketing master, Erik Ault, guides us through the anatomy of a marketing email, from “from-address” to footer, and everything in-between! You’ll leave this webcast with: Knowledge of the difference between transactional and marketing email A

How To Web Conf: Hacking Your Way to Product Excellence

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Martyn Davies on stage at How To Web 2014

Back in November, I had the pleasure of speaking at How To Web in Bucharest, Romania about a subject very close to my heart – hackathons. More specifically, how product teams can use hackathons, both the environment and the hacker mentality, to drive their products forward in a way that is both engaging and creatively flexible for developers. The main talk will be online on the How To Web YouTube channel shortly, but here are some of the key points I made: Have Restriction-Free Time Part of the draw of many hackathons is the freedom to experiment in a no-pressure environment. You try out ideas and if they work, great. If they don’t work then it’s okay, you probably learned

A Gopher Attends PythonBrasil[10]

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A few weeks ago, I found myself arriving in Recife, Brazil for PythonBrasil[10]. I had the time of my life and met extremely bad ass people over there. I also met people whom I now call friends, and I’ll try to highlight some of my favorite things from the experience below. PythonBrasil consists of workshops, talks, sprints, and some really fun activities. The conference was super well organized. Three tracks to choose from, with amazing speakers and keynotes such as Jose Valim, the creator of the Elixir language. Translations were available, but I want to improve my understanding of Portuguese, so I didn’t use them. Transportation was never an issue (even though there were over 300 attendees), and the venue was the

Deliver Email That Matters

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The relationship between a business and its customer is like any other in life.  Its success relies on effective and clear communication. In today’s online and mobile environments what does effective communication look like? A series of connected interactions between you and your customer that delivers critical information for continued engagement. And what’s the most trusted means of making those connections? Email. When your customer clicks “reset password” they are connecting to you for critical information to continue engaging with your application. That email matters. When you promote a new product or feature to re-engage or grow that customer, that email matters. Whatever the use case, email interactions between a business and its customer drive engagement.  Engagement drives success. “Customers

How Will You Grow Your Email Program in 2015?


As you look to planning for the new year, what does your email strategy look like? If it involves increasing the reach of your email program, you’re in the right place! Growing your mailing list can be pretty complicated. There are plenty of “shortcuts” available to businesses that want to send more email to more people including lists for purchase on the Internet, partners you could potentially share with, services that scrape the internet for email addresses, and more. Unfortunately, those are short-term plays in a long-term game. The key to a successful email program is engagement, and if those recipients didn’t opt-in to your mail, then they’re receiving unwanted, unanticipated mail. You’re spamming them and your email deliverability will

SendGrid Mentors at TechStars Patriot Boot Camp

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As a member of our Developer Relations team, we get the awesome opportunity to work with some really motivated developers and startups. However, every now and then we get the opportunity to do something a little different that has just as big of an impact. Recently, we were able to lend a hand in a really great boot camp. My co-worker, Eddie Zaneski, and I had the privilege of attending TechStars Patriot Boot Camp in Madison, Wisconsin. We helped mentor some really badass veterans and got the opportunity to give some talks to impart wisdom from our past experiences and talk a little about SendGrid. The mentorship sessions went both ways, and we learned a lot from the the attendees and how their

Holiday Sending Hacks

Holiday Sending Hacks

The holidays are an exciting time! Between party planning, gift buying, and family time, it’s easy to get caught up in all that marvelous madness. SO we wanted to grab your attention before that marvelous madness sets in and your email program takes a back seat to hot cocoa drinking and hardcore sledding. Holidays are (and your inbox will verify this) a crazy time for email as well. And when you’re sending higher volume, it’s even more important to get your sending practices right. Join us for an original SendGrid webcast Holiday Sending Hacks on Tuesday, October 28th at 1 PM ET as our two all-star deliverability consultants Luke Martinez and Tanya Plaza share some holiday focused email best practices to

Improving Deliverability of Business-Critical Email

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When your phone doesn’t ring, there are two possible causes: either it’s broken, or no one is calling you. The same is true for email. When you send messages to customers, employees, or partners, how do you know that it got there? This Tuesday, October 8th Paul Robichaux, Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro and Kurt Diver, Enterprise Deliverability Analyst at SendGrid will share their expert insights into the importance of tracking your email delivery and will cover the steps you can take to improve your email performance in a free webinar. Paul will lead off the webinar by sharing: The history and evolution of SMTP How to measure email deliverability Common challenges to email delivery How Microsoft has