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Different types of emails vary in interest to users.  Emails such as shipping alerts, forum notifications, and account confirmations are well received by users and hardly generate any complaints since users already expect these emails.  On the other hand, unexpected emails such as certain newsletters, or email invitations from contact imports on sites such as social networks, event planning , or surveys are less likely to be expected by users and more likely to generate complaints.

SendGrid allows companies to tag each of their emails and assign them a category.  After this, SendGrid will track emails sent, clicks, opens, unsubscribes, spam reports, and bounces per category.  Companies using SendGrid will now be able to see what types of emails generate more complaints, higher click-though rates, or what emails generate more interest.  For more information on how to accomplish this and for a video on how easy it is to get started and how the statistics look please go here.

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