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Will Smidlein is a developer evangelist at SendGrid. He loves making developers' lives easier. You can drop him a line on Twitter at @ws.

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Sending Email With Nodemailer and SendGrid


The recent release of Nodemailer version 1.0.0 was packed full of awesome! Not only was it completely rewritten from the ground up, but it brings support for a modularized transport system, giving developers a standard way to send email regardless of the service used to send it. This is huge because it allows developers to switch all of their mail sending functionality over to a new email transport by only changing a few lines of code. You’ve always been able to use Nodemailer with our SMTP transport, and you still can, but we advocate using our Web API wherever possible, for reduced latency and better encoding support. Thanks to the new modular transport system and the nodemailer-sendgrid-transport module, you can Read More ›