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SendGrid Devangelist. London based polyglot hacker, mainly playing with Golang and Ruby. Musical Hacker, Hardware hacker, Hackathon lover, API abuser and NoSQL user.

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The SendGrid Internal Hackathon


In mid-August, we hosted our second-annual Internal Hackathon and once again, it was a total success! Over 100 employees, ~30 hacks, and 24 hours of creative excellence! The whole idea of hackathons is to bring people together in a creative environment and give them the freedom to build something amazing. All too often now we see companies hosting internal hackathons Read more ›

Conference/Event Speaking as a Developer


If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you’re probably aware that I hold knowledge sharing in the highest regard possible. I’m lucky in that I get to share knowledge in many ways: blogging, hackathon mentorship, start-up office hours, etc. One of my absolute favourite ways of sharing knowledge though, is event and conference speaking. Over the last 2.5 years, Read more ›

Intro to Elixir Lang


An Introduction to the Elixir Programming Language (And Why I Love It)   I wrote an article a few months ago introducing you to Golang, and why I loved it so much. While I do indeed still love it, lately I’ve been playing around with a new language; Elixir. I bought the book Programming Elixir and have been following it Read more ›

The SendGrid Ambassador Programme

SendGrid Ambassador Program

Over the last year I’ve had the joy and privilege of being in charge of the SendGrid Ambassador Programme for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). My colleague, Yamil, has been in charge of the Ambassador Programme over in the United States and Latin America. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll know by now that one of my absolute favourite Read more ›

The Value of Open Source (Part 2)

Community, Technical

I wrote a few weeks ago about How I Value Open Source, the first part in this two-part blog series. The post covered my own thoughts on Open Source (OS), and its values to me. This post aims to cover more real-life fundamentals of OS, a deeper dive into OS and of course, the business value that lies in OS. I’ve Read more ›

How I Value Open Source (Part 1)


This article is a personal look at Open Source, and how I value it. Part 2 will be a deeper dive into Open Source. Its true values, success stories, horror stories, licenses, and much more. Make sure you come back to read that one! I gave a talk last week at WXG 2014 on “The Value of Open Source.” This topic is Read more ›

Young Rewired State & Code on the Road

Community, Technical

“It was a sea of Blue SendGrid T-Shirts. Everywhere I looked, I saw SendGrid! You guys rock!” My first answer when asked the question “What do Developer Evangelists do?” is always: We empower and nurture developers. In previous talks I’ve given and articles I’ve written, I’ve described how teaching, mentoring, empowering, and nurturing are the most important parts of my Read more ›

Intro to Golang

golang gopher

An Introduction to the Go Programming Language (And Why I Love It) If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll no doubt know that I’m a huge fan of Go. You may have read my endless stream of Tweets ogling its brilliance, complaining about its few pitfalls, and bathing in the sweet, sweet light that is the over-indulgent default package set. But Read more ›

What is NoSQL? Four Things, Actually


I’m almost certain the majority of you will have heard the term “NoSQL.” I’m sure many of you know exactly what it means, and some of you already use it in production! But for those who are unfamiliar–what is NoSQL? This is an overview of the many different options across four types of NoSQL databases. NoSQL is a Database? Yes, Read more ›

How to Survive as a Developer Evangelist

Passed out

If you’re here, you already know (roughly) what a developer evangelist is. You know that we’re Globetrotters, Hackers, Hustlers, Teachers, Mentors and Frequent-Flyer Mile Collectors. You have an idea of what a developer evangelist does. If you’re interested in becoming a developer evangelist, good on you. It’s the best job in the world; it truly is. HOWEVER, as you’re sure Read more ›