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Paul Kincaid-Smith is SendGrid's VP of Industry Relations. He helps make email awesome by innovating with "the cool kids" in the technology community. Learn more on LinkedIn, and drop him a line on Twitter.

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Gmail’s TLS Encryption Padlock: What It Means for Senders and Recipients

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On Tuesday, February 9, as part of Safer Internet Day, Gmail announced a new TLS encryption padlock in messages sent and received in Gmail. Our Chief Security Officer, David Campbell, and I collaborated to share our thoughts on the update, below. Google’s Gmail team has been using their effective spam filtering as a product differentiator, and it’s a winning strategy. They’re now also using security as a product differentiator—which is more and more important in the post-Snowden era. Trust is the foundation of a healthy communication ecosystem. How SendGrid helps SendGrid does the heavy lifting to authenticate and securely transmit messages, shielding our customers from a great deal of complexity. Our whitelabel feature makes it easy to configure DKIM and SPF settings Read More ›

Dear Gmail: Our Google Postmaster Tools Wish List

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Dear Gmail Team, ‘Tis the season for sharing and giving thanks, and SendGrid’s anti-spam team extends a heart-felt “thank you” for the data you share with us via Google’s Spam Feedback Loop (FBL) and the Google Postmaster Tools. The data is actionable and helps us identify unwanted mail that other spam detection systems miss. Your feedback and reputation metrics help our customers improve the quality of their email. Gmail has become a center of gravity in the email universe, and so we appreciate the insights your machine learning systems share with us. This synergistic data sharing is especially important considering the large volume of email we deliver to Gmail and Google Apps users. SendGrid processes over 22 billion email messages Read More ›

How To Safely Email User Generated Content

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invite a friend emails

Grow Your Service Via Content Sharing and Invitations — But Do It Safely Are you building systems that allow users to share information via email? Do you distribute “invite a friend” or “share with a friend” email messages? High-growth online services use creative approaches to tap their user base to increase community involvement and grow their brand. When done well, this can boost adoption and increase idea diffusion, but there’s also a downside risk that could seriously harm your brand. Well-intentioned sharing systems can be abused by spammers and fraud artists. You can limit your risk by building safeguards into your “user generated content” (UGC) sharing system. 11 Tips for Improving User-Generated Emails Sending emails with UGC is especially risky Read More ›

Gmail’s Spam Feedback Loop: SendGrid’s First-hand Experience

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Dear Gmail Team, Gmail will be 10 years old next month. Congrats! I love the innovations you’ve made over the past decade. Thanks to you, my email is more useful and accessible than it ever was. I’m delighted by the Gmail feedback loop, one of those behind the scenes innovations that regular users won’t notice. Since I am responsible for keeping SendGrid’s email stream clean, I am especially grateful for the helpful data that’s now available to trustworthy email service providers. SendGrid’s anti-spam team has been making effective use of the spam feedback you share. It identifies spammers that other spam detection systems miss. For privacy and security reasons, your Gmail feedback loop is structurally different from traditional FBLs. Our Read More ›