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Nick Quinlan is a SendGrid Developer Evangelist based out of San Francisco. He works to make developers lives easier by providing them with the help they need to grow their ideas. Give him a shout, @YayNickQ.

Choosing My First Drink With SendGrid, Foursquare, Node.js and

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I turned 21 on Saturday at PayPal Battle Hack NYC. Not being from the city, I wanted to find out where to go to get my first drink. I knew I had a chance to get up and speak at the beginning of the event, so I decided to create an app to help me figure out where I should go Saturday evening. I’m sharing it here in case you ever find yourself in a strange city (21st birthday or not) and want to find out where to go eat or get a drink. The app is built on Node.js with the Express framework. It displays a list of nearby venues, grabbing my location and venue information from Foursquare and

How I Explained SendGrid to My Parents

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Talking about SendGrid

Hi, I’m Nick. I’m a new Developer Evangelist here at SendGrid. I’m excited to help developers build great things and be creative. When I explain the value of SendGrid to developers, they get it. After getting the job, I found myself explaining SendGrid to non-developers, like friends and family. Notably, one of my toughest early audiences were two people I’ve known all my life. I thought I’d share the conversation I had with my mom and dad, so no one else needs to explain that SendGrid isn’t, in fact, a company that distributes graph paper. What’s this company that you hired you? SendGrid makes it really easy for programmers to make applications that send email. In fact, we’ve made it