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Nick Quinlan is a SendGrid Developer Evangelist based out of San Francisco. He works to make developers lives easier by providing them with the help they need to grow their ideas. Give him a shout, @YayNickQ.

Repeat Yourself, Then Say It Again


This comes from a talk I’m giving today at DevBeat (and a webinar I gave last month), it explores a key point of the talk in more depth. Don’t Repeat Yourself. It’s a rule you learn nearly the instant you start programming. As a coder, you feel dirty whenever you find repetitive code. You want to instantly refactor and make … Read more ›

An Atypical Hackathon That Did It Right

Spocode Logo

This weekend I attended a hackathon in Spokane, WA. In many ways it was the best hackathon I’ve attended this year, but compared to the typical hackathon of late it was all wrong. We were served pizza, sandwiches, and Costco muffins, rather than burritos, sliders, and artisan breakfast sandwiches. No beer was served. We couldn’t eat or drink in the … Read more ›

Yahoo Header Counteracts Email Address Recycling


Yahoo Mail has started recycling email addresses. This led to a host of security and privacy concerns. As senders of transactional email, this was particularly scary to us, as we know our customers send privileged email every day, messages they wouldn’t want getting into the wrong hands. Luckily, Yahoo has given a way to counteract these concerns. In a recent … Read more ›

How I Explained Hackathons to My Parents

Talking about SendGrid

As a developer evangelist, I end up attending a lot of hackathons. I have a ton of fun at these events, helping attendees get their apps working and writing code of my own. My parents were very excited to learn about SendGrid and what Developer Evangelism is, but telling my parents, that “I love going to hackathons” elicited a more … Read more ›

Fingerprinting Email Infrastructure Companies

Email Intelligence in Action

Since you’re reading the SendGrid blog, it probably won’t surprise you many companies turn to email infrastructure services to send their email, rather than building your own. As an employee of one of these infrastructure companies, I’m always interested in finding out what company is behind the email getting sent. To do this I wrote a Chrome Plugin that attempts … Read more ›

How I Explained Developer Evangelism to My Parents

Talking about SendGrid

SendGrid makes it really easy for programmers to make applications that send email. In fact, we’ve made it so easy that we send over eight billion emails a month! Developer evangelism is a rapidly growing and emerging trend amongst tech companies. I regularly meet people in startup land, who have not heard the term. Needless to say, introducing it to … Read more ›

Extract and Analyze SendGrid Event Data With Keen.IO

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Keen.IO allows companies to collect and extract data by using formats and mechanisms that make sense for their business. This means you can throw pretty much any data at Keen and request it back in any way. That’s awesome in-and-of itself, however Keen has a special integration with SendGrid’s Event Webhook that makes it super awesome. Although SendGrid offers several … Read more ›