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John Vajda is a Product Manager at SendGrid.

Why Stats Matter When Sending Marketing Email

Best Practices, Technical

Data. Why does it matter when sending marketing email? Without understanding your marketing email data you will have no idea how your email is performing. Good marketing is all about measuring metrics. Great marketing is all about understanding those metrics. SendGrid’s Marketing Email product offers you many different stats to use so you can understand how your marketing email is performing. We’ve recently added a new data point called Total Click Through Rate (TCTR). Below is an overview of the stats SendGrid provides you. If you are a developer all of these stats are available in our APIs.  Requests = Requests Delivered = Delivered/Requests Opens = Total Opens/Delivered  (Open Rate) Unique Opens = Unique Opens/Delivered Clicks  = Total Clicks/Delivered Unique Clicks = Unique Clicks/Delivered CTR = Unique Clicks/Unique Opens TCTR = Total Clicks/Total Read More ›