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As SendGrid's Senior Marketing Analyst, Danny is responsible for keeping the marketing team focused on making data-driven decisions to help make sure we are providing value for our customers and prospects. While he may spend his days knee deep in spreadsheets now, Danny spent most of the last 10 years managing email campaigns, website optimization, and PPC campaigns for B2B companies.

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Stretch Your Email Marketing Budget in 2015

Email Marketing
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Despite predictions of its impending doom, email is here to stay. Not only are companies expanding their transactional email programs to further engage their users, but 61% plan to increase their marketing email spend in 2015. There is a lot of incredible new technology giving you more control over your email marketing than ever before. But is it worth it to pay a premium to have access to all these features, or is it better to go for a no-frills solution to stretch your budget as far as it can go? In my experience, most companies don’t have time to utilize all of the amazing features they end up paying for. I’ve always had more luck paying for fewer features and Read More ›

Webcast Follow-Up Q&A: How to Get Your Email Marketing Off the Ground

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A few weeks ago, SendGrid’s email experts Ken Apple and Jesse McCabe held a webcast called How to Get Your Email Marketing Off the Ground. They discussed how to: Create cost effective transactional and marketing email programs Get your emails delivered to the inbox Analyze the performance of your programs Scale your program to meet the needs of your growing business With so much to cover, Ken and Jesse couldn’t answer all the questions they wanted to. In an effort to continue the conversation, here are responses to the questions they were unable to get to during the webcast. And for those of you who missed the webcast, access the on-demand version here. On your Pricing Page, what does the ‘Bulk Sender Notification’ feature Read More ›

Ask an Expert: Getting Started with Email Deliverability

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Email gurus Paul Kincaid-Smith and Carly Brantz kicked off the first of SendGrid’s monthly webcasts a year ago this month with a deep dive into the challenges of maintaining a good sender reputation. Over the past year, we have tackled new topics each month, ranging from technical API workshops to best practices for incorporating marketing into your transactional email. Each month we heard from many people who are struggling with the basics of email deliverability and didn’t even know where to start. In response to the demand for a better introduction to email deliverability, we are adding an additional webcast that will provide a comprehensive overview of email deliverability as well as the opportunity to get your questions answered with Read More ›

Is Your Email Campaign Seeing a 4,000% ROI?


Did you know that according to Return Path’s Email Intelligence report, email, on average, drives a 4,000% return on investment? With a number like that, it’s no wonder email is still the channel companies dedicate a lot of resources to. Unfortunately, many email marketers don’t see any ROI anywhere near the average and resort to strategies like purchasing lists which can ultimately doom their campaigns by landing them in the spam folder or on a blacklist. On March 20th, 1:00PM EST, SendGrid email experts Ken Apple and Jesse McCabe will give you all the tools you need to breathe life into your transactional and marketing email campaigns in a free webcast. Get the tools to: Create cost effective transactional and Read More ›

Your Toughest ISP Questions Answered

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A few weeks ago, SendGrid’s email experts Amy Mustoe and Ryan Harris held a webcast called Google, Yahoo!, and Hotmail, Oh My! Navigating the ISP Landscape. There was so much interest in the topic that Amy and Ryan couldn’t answer all the questions during the webcast. In an effort to continue the conversation, here are responses to all the questions they were unable to get to during the webcast. For those of you who missed the webcast, access the on-demand version and learn how to stay within the good graces of the ISPs. How do we do segmentation based on your current stat interface? Categories are a common way to segment statistics in the SendGrid interface. Categories help organize your Read More ›

Webcast: Google, Yahoo! and Hotmail, Oh My! Navigating the ISP Landscape.

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Anyone who has spent any time trying to get their important email receipts, notifications, or password resets to their users’ inboxes knows how daunting it can be to navigate the ISP landscape. What is the best way to authenticate your email for Gmail users? Does Yahoo! care more about IP reputation or domain reputation? Can I expect a different click and open rate for different ISPs? Join SendGrid email experts Ryan Harris and Amy Mustoe on February 13th at 1:00PM EST as they offer advice on how to comply with ISP expectations and identify trends they are seeing among today’s most popular ISPs. Register Now! Presenters: Amy Mustoe As SendGrid’s Manager of Client Services, Amy runs a team of talented Read More ›

Cyfe Raises the Bar with Simple Plain Text Email

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We love to share examples of email done right. This referral announcement from business intelligence platform, Cyfe, is a perfect example of how sometimes, less is more. What Works: Cyfe relies on simple plain text email messages to communicate key information to their user base. In this case, they are announcing a new customer referral program that will help them acquire new users while rewarding their most valued customers. These three simple lines communicate the benefit and provide a clear call to action that can be easily read in any email reader or on any device. We also like that they use their third line to remind users of their value proposition. What Could Be Improved:  We really like this Read More ›

Get Delivered @Gmail – 5 Tips to Get You to the Inbox

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Gmail is now the most popular mailbox provider on the planet, and to that end they keep their technology very close to the vest by running a self sustained system that does not partner with any other entities or utilize some of the common tools like whitelisting and feedback loops adopted by other ISPs. As a result, it’s sometimes difficult for senders to troubleshoot and navigate through Gmail delivery failures. However, they do provide some guidance to help prevent your messages from being marked as spam. Here are five tactics you can use to ensure delivery at Gmail. Get added to user contact lists. Gmail advises that you ask users to add your ‘From’ address to their Contacts list. This Read More ›

Codecademy Launches New Lessons for SendGrid APIs

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Today, Codecademy launched a partnership with SendGrid and nine other companies to help novice developers learn how to leverage APIs to create new projects, sites, and apps. SendGrid has always been dedicated to making developers’ lives easier with flexible, well-documented APIs. With the launch of Codecademy’s API lessons, learning to integrate with SendGrid has become even easier. Now, new developers can get a step by step tutorial on how to send email with SendGrid without having to just rely on our documentation. Codecademy has been an amazing resource for people to learn the basics of programming, and the addition of API lessons will allow its users to harness the power of existing technologies within their own creations. We have already seen Read More ›

6 Mistakes Organizations Continue to Make When Sending Email

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It’s 2013 and senders are still making common mistakes that are hindering the success of their email program. We understand that some of things aren’t that easy, but by not paying attention to them, you are actually creating more work for yourself. It’s time to turn over a new leaf. Here are the top mistakes senders make when sending email that you should stop doing starting today!       Lack of personalization. Almost all email service providers give you the ability to at least add your user’s name to every email you send. Get to know your ESP and learn how to use even the most basic functionality. Personalization is key in building trust with your customers and will Read More ›

Email – More Than Just a Digital Envelope

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Email has traditionally been linked with its paper counterpart. It is actually one of the oldest recognizable features of internet communication (the use of the “@” symbol dates all the way back to 1972!) and from the start was a way for people to message inter-personally across an organization or across the world. Many have predicted that with the rise of text messages and the rise of social media email would start to go the way of snail-mail. However, the trends show that this is not the case. What is to explain this? Here are several reasons. Email as an “IPC” Email is a very mature platform with many well-know automation tools. As organizations have grown and enterprise software has Read More ›

Should I Build or Should I Buy? Understanding Email Infrastructure in the Cloud

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The one question that we hear often at SendGrid is “Should I build my own infrastructure or should I outsource it to a third party?” We understand why this question is asked and appreciate that businesses need to explore all options before deciding which direction to take. Therefore, we created a new resource to help you along. Our new whitepaper, Should I Build or Should I Buy? Understanding Email Infrastructure in the Cloud provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges facing developers today along with key strategies on how to make the right choice for your business. In short, we’ve provided the following:     A framework for analyzing costs: Since cost is a common factor in the decision making Read More ›