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As SendGrid's Senior Marketing Analyst, Danny is responsible for keeping the marketing team focused on making data-driven decisions to help make sure we are providing value for our customers and prospects. While he may spend his days knee deep in spreadsheets now, Danny spent most of the last 10 years managing email campaigns, website optimization, and PPC campaigns for B2B companies.

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Stretch Your Email Marketing Budget in 2015

email marketing budget

Despite predictions of its impending doom, email is here to stay. Not only are companies expanding their transactional email programs to further engage their users, but 61% plan to increase their marketing email spend in 2015. There is a lot of incredible new technology giving you more control over your email marketing than ever before. But is it worth it to … Read more ›

Ask an Expert: Getting Started with Email Deliverability


Email gurus Paul Kincaid-Smith and Carly Brantz kicked off the first of SendGrid’s monthly webcasts a year ago this month with a deep dive into the challenges of maintaining a good sender reputation. Over the past year, we have tackled new topics each month, ranging from technical API workshops to best practices for incorporating marketing into your transactional email. Each … Read more ›

Is Your Email Campaign Seeing a 4,000% ROI?


Did you know that according to Return Path’s Email Intelligence report, email, on average, drives a 4,000% return on investment? With a number like that, it’s no wonder email is still the channel companies dedicate a lot of resources to. Unfortunately, many email marketers don’t see any ROI anywhere near the average and resort to strategies like purchasing lists which … Read more ›

Your Toughest ISP Questions Answered

Event Notifications Settings for the Event Webhook

A few weeks ago, SendGrid’s email experts Amy Mustoe and Ryan Harris held a webcast called Google, Yahoo!, and Hotmail, Oh My! Navigating the ISP Landscape. There was so much interest in the topic that Amy and Ryan couldn’t answer all the questions during the webcast. In an effort to continue the conversation, here are responses to all the questions … Read more ›

Cyfe Raises the Bar with Simple Plain Text Email

Cyfe Logo

We love to share examples of email done right. This referral announcement from business intelligence platform, Cyfe, is a perfect example of how sometimes, less is more. What Works: Cyfe relies on simple plain text email messages to communicate key information to their user base. In this case, they are announcing a new customer referral program that will help them … Read more ›