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Carly Brantz is a veteran in the email deliverability space working to make email simple and easy for developers by regularly writing whitepapers, research briefs and blog posts about email, technology and industry trends.

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Email Marketing with the Birthday Email

Email Marketing
birthday cupcake

I love birthdays, even if it means growing older. I recently celebrated my birthday and because I am constantly encouraging segmentation based on subscriber information, I was looking forward to seeing which companies would use my demographic information to target me with a birthday email. Timing Matters Two weeks before my birthday, I received my first birthday email from Sephora Read more ›

Make Your Marketing Meaningful in 2015

Email Marketing

As Lao Tzu, a 6th Century Chinese poet said, “Those who have knowledge don’t predict. Those who predict don’t have knowledge.” As we head into 2015, rather than making outlandish predictions for marketers, I would rather make suggestions on three valuable things I have learned that can improve your marketing program in the new year. Tie together outbound and inbound Read more ›

Email Delivery Failure: What Causes It?

Best Practices
email delivery failure

Email delivery can be a frustrating business. You work hard to create emails that will capture your customers’ attention, and sometimes all of that hard work goes to waste. And despite your customers having asked to receive these emails, Internet Service Providers (ISPs—like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL) and other filters can make can make 22% of them go undelivered. What’s a Read more ›

4 Email Subject Lines To Learn From

Best Practices
email subject lines

Subject lines can make or break the open rates for your email. Therefore, it’s imperative to continuously test the content, tone, and length of your subject lines to see which ones work better. Often the results of your tests will surprise you and your gut instincts will be proven wrong. It is important to having data to back up your Read more ›

Learning from a Couple Email Unsubscribe “No-Nos”

Best Practices

Unsubscribing is the process by which recipients voluntarily remove themselves from your email list. When a person decides they no longer want to hear from you, it’s your job as a sender to make sure the removal process is swift and easy. The CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 specifically addresses the issue of unsubscribe. Because of the nature of transactional email, Read more ›

Send Me to Greece

Best Practices
sky and paper airplane email concept

I often write about how important it is to segment your lists and the many ways you can do that whether it is by demographics and purchase behavior, or by email stream or type. Today, there is absolutely no reason why you should be sending one, generic message to your entire list.  If you want to maximize ROI and response to Read more ›

Email Subject Lines: Word Count

Best Practices
email subject lines

Email subject lines are arguably your first chance to make a good impression. If you say the right words, you’re more likely to get an email open and a click if your content follows suit. A recent study by Retention Science cracks the subject line code by analyzing over 260 million delivered emails. What they found is that subject lines Read more ›

Always and Forever: HTTPS Encryption for Gmail

Best Practices

No love has been lost for the National Security Agency after it was revealed that they were intercepting data between servers and computers. And it had yielded a strong response from Google. On March 20th, Google posted that they will always use an encrypted HTTPS connection whenever users check their mail. This move ensures that no one, not even the Read more ›