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Marketing Email Inspiration: Short & Sweet From Of a Kind


As a resident email nerd here at SendGrid, I spend plenty of time sifting through (maybe even enjoying) our inbox. Unfortunately, not everyone shares my enthusiasm, and most recipients only spend a few seconds on each email… Seconds! When you’re given just a few seconds of time, it needs to really pack a punch! That’s exactly what Of a Kind did with … Read more ›

Marketing Email Inspiration: Welcome Back to Lush


Sometimes the best way to learn is by example. That’s why we like to occasionally highlight transactional and marketing emails that we’ve received and tell you what we think. We’re strong believers in humor and winback campaigns here at SendGrid and we luckily found an email that combines the two! Winback campaigns are an important player in keeping your lists up to … Read more ›

Marketing Email Inspiration: REI Asks For Your Preference


Personalization is key to any email strategy. That’s why you have to take every opportunity to get to know your customers beyond a simple click. Take a moment to profile your customers and collect relevant data points that will help you customize the user experience. To get started, create a preference center. A preference center provides a centralized location for … Read more ›

Marketing Email Inspiration: How GearBuzz Woos You Back


Email list growth is the primary goal for most email marketing programs. Achieving it can be a task in and of itself, but inevitably some of the subscribers you worked so hard to acquire, go silent. For optimum email deliverability, we recommend that you automatically purge non-responders from your list every six months. However, before doing so, you can opt … Read more ›

Marketing Email Inspiration: Uber Cool Facts


Instead of pulling pranks on April Fool’s Day, why not provide your users with some useful information instead? That’s exactly what car service, Uber did on April 1, 2013 when they sent an email with helpful tips to their user base. (More on that below.) Using a holiday to your advantage definitely has its pros, especially when trying to capture … Read more ›

Transactional Email Inspiration: REI Knows How To Welcome Their Customers


Here’s the one thing you need to know about welcome messages. Ready for it? Never subscribe a new user without a welcome message! Know why? Because welcome messages rock and because… An email welcome message confirms the email address. When acquiring new subscribers, maintaining good list hygiene is of utmost importance in maintaining high email delivery rates. By immediately triggering … Read more ›