January 2012

Our Customers are Raving Fans


At SendGrid, our focus has always been on achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. SendGrid continues to grow because we solve web developers’ email headaches. And these same web developers love to share their stories about how they resolved common problems in their industry. As such, we’ve expanded our customer and testimonial section of our website to include some … Read more ›

How Email Delivery Directly Affects Your ROI

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Do you know how much each email delivery is worth to you? If so, then you have the power to calculate how much revenue you are losing each time email doesn’t make it to the inbox.

On average 20% of email goes undelivered or winds up in the spam or junk box. Using “back-of-the-napkin” math, you can quickly gauge the potential loss. For example, if you send 100,000 emails, only 80,000 of your emails are actually reaching your customers each month. If each email is worth $50 to you, then losing 20% of your audience translates into a significant loss of revenue. … Read more ›

Standing Cloud Teams with SendGrid


We are very happy to announce that Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud-based application management solutions has teamed with SendGrid to make our leading cloud email delivery, analytics and scalability available to Standing Cloud customers. For cloud customers running hosted applications on Standing Cloud, the integration with SendGrid reduces the complexity of sending high-volume transactional emails while improving their deliverability, reliability and ROI. … Read more ›

3 Ways to Use Complaint Feedback Loop Information

Feedback Loops

One of the main (and probably most important) reasons email goes undelivered is because subscribers are complaining about your messages. Subscribers complain to their ISP by marking your email as spam and these complaints affect your email reputation. Each ISP has a threshold for complaints and if you cross it, your email gets blocked at the gateway.

There are a number of reasons why subscribers complain about your email, but in order to find out whom and why, you need to have access to feedback loop information. Complaint feedback loops capture subscriber complaints for the ISPs, but the information is available to email senders if they sign up to receive the data. With access to the data you can do three things: … Read more ›

SendGrid Raises $21 Million


… Read more ›

NYT’s Study Showcases the Importance of Email Infrastructure


Exactly how and why do we share online content? That is what the New York Times and Latitude Research set out to discover in their 2011 study, “The Psychology of Sharing.”

Surprisingly, during their survey of 2,500 self-described “medium-to-heavy content sharers” they found that good, old fashion email continues to be the number one sharing tool. Yes, the younger you are the more likely you are to utilize Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or something similar as a communications tool, but email for the most part remains the most popular way users choose to share news. … Read more ›