November 2011

Ecquire and SendGrid team up to make productivity happen

Guest Post, Product

This is a guest post written by Tal Raviv, Chief Bug Creator at Ecquire

At Ecquire we believe the most important measure of a product is its referability. We don’t use words like “finished” or “minimum viable product” or “good enough”

It’s either referable or it’s not. A user either feels confident enough to put their reputation on the line for your product – or your marketing is going to be very expensive.


How do you measure referability? Aside from metrics like retention and observing growth and sources of growth – there’s an extremely direct way to do this… let your customers refer their friends right inside your app!

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Use SendGrid SMTP with SocialEngine

Partnerships, Product, Technical

SocialEngine is social network software that helps users build their own customized community websites. With over 8,000 websites utilizing their software, they are one of the most popular social networking web applications around. The following video shows how you can setup SocialEngine to send emails through the cloud-based SendGrid SMTP service. If you haven’t checked out SocialEngine and are thinking … Read more ›

5 Tips to Ensure Your Transactional Email Gets Delivered

Best Practices

tip-imageWhen people think of email they often focus on marketing and promotional messages with special offers to encourage future purchases or inspire customer loyalty. But thousands of businesses also rely on email to automatically communicate information related to transactions or transactional email. This includes:

– Welcome messages
– Account verifications, updates, statements and notices
– Password delivery
– Order confirmations, invoices, receipts and renewals
– Shipping notifications
– Email alerts and updates
– Reminders and cancellations
– Product updates and instructions

To take full advantage of transactional email, you need to have a strong messaging strategy along with sound processes and data collection practices that will help ensure your messages are delivered immediately the inbox.

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Email Delivery is Never Guaranteed

Best Practices, Product, Technical

Consider this. What happens if your email doesn’t arrive in the inbox? – Your customers won’t receive their account alerts. – They’ll miss out on special offers from their favorite brands. – They’ll never know that special someone wants to meet them. – They won’t receive a confirmation of their order. – They won’t see a friend request. – You’ll … Read more ›