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IndiGo Car Hire Increased Revenue by Improving Their Delivery Metrics using SendGrid

"As a direct result of using SendGrid, our delivery and response metrics doubled leading to a revenue increase of 20%."

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The Customer: IndoGo Car Hire

Car Hire at over 17,000 locations worldwide.

IndiGo Car Hire specializes in providing U.K. car and van hire at over 17,000 holiday destinations worldwide including Spain, France, Dubai and the USA. IndiGo Car Hire’s large fleet of vehicles includes economy and prestige cars as well as people carriers. All prices are fully inclusive with no hidden extras guaranteed to provide customers with the best possible prices available in the industry.

The Challenge

Low delivery rates caused a dip in revenue and customer satisfaction.

IndiGo Car Hire sends 300,000 emails per month to over 100,000 customers worldwide to deliver sales promotions, reservation confirmations, modifications and cancellations, and to solicit customer feedback on their services and partners. As a broker, they rely on email to help earn new business and drive ongoing customer loyalty.

However, it was quickly becoming apparent that they had outgrown their current email system and needed a far more efficient way to deliver their emails. Low delivery rates were affecting their business, lowering revenue streams and hindering customer communication. They needed an easier, cost effective solution that wouldn’t tax their internal resources and could scale with them as they continued to grow.


Low cost impact and easy integration led to the prime solution.

IndiGo Car Hire decided to search for a cloud based solution to manage their email. Based on a recommendation, they decided to look at SendGrid. After researching SendGrid they found that its ease of use and low cost impact were unparalleled in the industry. These key factors made SendGrid the solution of choice of IndiGo Car Hire.


Improved delivery and response resulted in increased revenue.

After a quick integration and set up, they experienced immediate results. Delivery and response rates doubled with their first campaign, and as a result, business increased by 20% due to the improved customer communication that had been hampered by poor email deliverability.

Additionally, with access to SendGrid’s robust analytics, they could better tailor their email campaigns and utilize SendGrid’s 24/7 support team to help prevent, diagnose and troubleshoot delivery issues without taxing their resources.

Client Feedback

Cherie Walker, Company Director

"As a direct result of using SendGrid, our delivery and response metrics doubled leading to a revenue increase of 20%. We now have more time to concentrate on winning more business and delighting our customers instead of worrying about email delivery thanks the stellar team at SendGrid."