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Commissions Inc. Fully Leverages the Scale of the SendGrid Platform to Deliver Its Email

"SendGrid is an incredible tech solution with a dedicated team that serves as an extension of our organization."

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The Customer: Commissions Inc.

Your turnkey real estate solution.

Commissions Inc. is a real estate technology platform that connects top tier real estate brokers and agents to homebuyers and sellers. Commissions Inc. works with hundreds of MLS data providers throughout the US and Canada resulting in millions of listings housed within their platform.

This unique exchange attracts active and engaged home buyers to their agent and broker sites providing extensive home buyer data which brokers and agents use to foster deals. Powerful communication and lead generation tools coupled with strategic marketing from Commissions Inc. professionals result in more leads, increased productivity, and ultimately, faster sales.

The Challenge

As a start-up, Commissions Inc. needed to focus on building their power real estate technology platform instead of spending valuable time on email management.

One of Commissions Inc.’s primary value propositions is its speed and accuracy from home search to lead management. As a result, email was chosen as one of the primary vehicles for communicating to its audience base. With email, Commissions Inc. enables brokers and agents to deliver customized, targeted messages to homebuyers and sellers in the form of property alerts. Each customer can sign up for a daily property alert that matches their search criteria. From these alerts, customers are re-engaged on behalf of each broker and agent with personalized messages.

When Commissions Inc. launched in 2011, they delivered their email over a Microsoft SMTP server. However, from the founders’ experience at their previous company, CareerBuilder, they knew first-hand the long-term implications of building and maintaining a robust email program on their own servers. While they were only sending two thousand emails per month, they had zero visibility into their delivery and response metrics—a situation they knew would be problematic as their client list grew.

Commissions Inc. needed a more scalable solution that provided insights into the productivity of their email campaigns, but removed the burden of managing an email server and the issues that came along with it. They not only needed a cloud-based solution that would serve as their email infrastructure, but one that provided email deliverability expertise that they could count on to ensure fast and consistent delivery of their email messages.


Commissions Inc. found a scalable solution that provided deep visibility into their delivery and response rates along with experts in deliverability.

Commissions Inc. was already partnered with Rackspace using their Performance Cloud Servers when they first heard about SendGrid. They looked at other large service providers, but upon thorough investigation, they found that SendGrid provided the solution they needed to flawlessly deliver and manage multiple email campaigns without committing extensive resources to the process.

Set up was quick and easy. Integrating SendGrid with their backend systems only took a few minutes and they could easily take advantage of SendGrid’s APIs to gain visibility into their data. Now blocks, bounces, spam reports, invalid emails, and unsubscribe data are readily available via the Event Webhook for them to take a more proactive approach with their email campaigns.

Additionally, Commissions Inc. has signed up for feedback loops which helped reduce their spam reports to .07%, and employed the use of the Subuser API to help maintain their overall sender reputation. The Subuser API enables child accounts for their brokers and agents and is equipped with the same features and benefits of the SendGrid platform, but with the added ability for Commissions Inc. to whitelabel, assign login credentials for clients, and to monitor activity and results. This not only empowers clients, but helps to maintain their overall reputation to ensure high email delivery rates.


Today, Commissions Inc. sends millions of emails per month that result in higher response rates for their customers.

When Commissions Inc. first started sending their email through SendGrid, they sent only two thousand emails per month. Today they send millions of emails per month and boast extremely high email delivery and response rates. And with SendGrid’s proactive approach to account management, development time spent on email management was reduced from 10% to 2%.

Client Feedback

Matthew Swanson, Chief Software Architect

"SendGrid is an incredible tech solution with a dedicated team that serves as an extension of our organization. Their proactive approach to managing our account helps us avoid potential reputation bottlenecks by troubleshooting and suggesting solutions before anything major happens. As a result, we’ve never had any major issues with our email deliverability. There’s simply no other solution like SendGrid."