Case Studies

Learn how SendGrid has helped many leading digital companies solve their email business challenges.

Happy Grasshopper


Happy Grasshopper is an automated email marketing platform that enables its clients to convert more leads, gain more referrals, and meet customer recruiting goals through an optimized email follow-up process. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner since its founding in 2010, Happy Grasshopper has used SendGrid to deliver email nurture and new customer acquisition campaigns on behalf of thousands of clients in the US and Canada. Download the Happy Grasshopper case study to learn how Happy Grasshopper optimized its email program over time by leveraging SendGrid Expert Services.

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Strava is the premier social fitness app that tracks running and cycling activities so that you can keep record of runs and bike rides, compete with friends and other users, and see what your favorite athletes are doing. They began sending transactional email through SendGrid in 2011. Since then, they’ve scaled exponentially, and they continue to use SendGrid’s cloud platform to communicate with their users about different Strava Features. Learn more about Strava’s email program, their Email Marketing Manager, and the specific emails they send through SendGrid by downloading the Strava Case Study above. — Justin Fritz

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From the beginning, SendGrid has displayed a rare blend of flexibility and reliability that provides the basis for stellar support to our customers. The fact that it didn’t matter to them that we were a startup, coupled with their willingness to go out of the way and provide tailored solutions shows their professionalism and maturity in supporting the startup ecosystem. We look forward to a continued partnership with them, not just as a customer, but more as thought leaders, collaborating towards a shared goal of ensuring better communication between businesses and their customers. — Raveen Sastry

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TM_logo (1)-1

With SendGrid Marketing Campaigns, our whole workflow has become much more dynamic, efficient, and productive. We’re able to create emails at a faster pace and reach customers even more frequently and accurately. It has allowed us to segment based on who our customers are and what they want — in turn allowing us to deliver highly relevant content at the right time for each subscriber. — Michael McCurdy

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If you’re going to be sending a lot of email, you can be comfortable that SendGrid can handle the load. SendGrid works, and it works at scale. — Alex Karweit

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CINC (Commissions Inc.)


SendGrid is an incredible tech solution with a dedicated team that serves as an extension of our organization. Their proactive approach to managing our account helps us avoid potential reputation bottlenecks by troubleshooting and suggesting solutions before anything major happens. As a result, we’ve never had any major issues with our email deliverability. There’s simply no other solution like SendGrid. — Matthew Swanson

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We’re confident that our critical email campaigns are going to be sent every single time with SendGrid’s simple, but very sophisticated capabilities. — Paige Tintle

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Before SendGrid, we were relying on archaic tools to track and send emails to our 500,000 subscriber base. Plagued by delivery issues, email throttling prevented us from sending our email in a timely fashion, which made it difficult to time our promotions to drive revenue. With SendGrid, email delivery is flawless. Emails get inboxed within an hour and we can easily track the effectiveness of our campaigns. Our click through rates are between 10-12% and we can directly track £1,000,000 of annual revenue from our daily retail newsletter deployed through SendGrid. — Dave Stott

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Email is important to our business so we needed experts that could effectively manage our email deliverability and reputation while our engineering experts focused on enhancing our core product. Our partnership with SendGrid helps ensure that our emails are not only getting to the right places, but can also scale with our rapid growth. We’re now enjoying email delivery rates of 96% and have saved thousands of dollars in engineering resources. Email deliverability is no longer something we have to worry about, but rather a manageable metric that we can proactively control as we grow our email program. — Jon Hoffman

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Customer Success Story: Listia

SendGrid is the most cost effective way to send transactional email even when compared to in-house servers and engineering resources. Since implementing SendGrid we have seen a dramatic increase in our site traffic, email deliverability and response rates. We no longer think about servers and hardware or wonder if our emails are reaching our users. Instead, we’re focused on improving our community and increasing our online trades making SendGrid’s cost and value a winning solution for us. — Gee Chuang

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Email delivery was a pain point that ended up having an easy resolution with SendGrid. Integration was simple and straight-forward. We now have the ability to monitor and improve conversations with users using real-time data based on activity and response, and our delivery problems disappeared. We just use SendGrid and it works. — Luis Sanz

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Ez Texting

SendGrid Customer Success Story: EZ Texting

“SendGrid helped transform us into a more customer-centric business. Armed with the right data, every facet of our department now has the tools and information to tailor their communications to our customers accordingly. Even our customer service is now viewed as a valuable marketing vehicle. Every staff member happily uses SendGrid because it helps them do their jobs more effectively while maximizing the experience for our customers.” — Josh Malin

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