Modulus Add-on Marketplace for Node.js Developers

July 24, 2014

Modulus has released a new set of add-ons, including SendGrid, as part of its add-on marketplace.

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The 3 Pillars of Developer-ization

July 23, 2014

Traditional CIO’s can embrace and inspire a developer-led innovation process by providing the right tools and resources and by encouraging experimentation without constantly hitting the breaks.

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SendGrid Opens News Office in Orange, California

July 15, 2014

SendGrid has opened up a new office in Orange, California to attract more local talent to the company.

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3 Steps for Rethinking Your Customer Relationships

July 14, 2014

SendGrid's founders made a brand promise to deliver an industry-leading customer experience. Company leadership realized that this went beyond offering 24/7 support (which it already did), but it didn't mean assigning a customer success manager to each account either. With more than 150,000 enterprise and SMB customers, the most effective and leveraged way to do this was to identify customers at key stages of the customer life cycle and engage them in a timely and relevant fashion.

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How CIOs Can Adapt to Embrace Developer-led Innovation

July 7, 2014

The new era of the developerisation of IT is well underway and much like its predecessor, the consumerisation of IT, it’s all about making stakeholders’ – in this case the developers’ – lives easier by giving them more flexibility to focus on producing great apps and delivering valuable IP.

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Email Encryption And The Future Of The Open Web

July 2, 2014

One year on from the revelations about the NSA’s surveillance programs, the tech industry has united in an effort to strengthen email privacy and keep governments and cyber criminals out of the inbox.

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What The Data Science Of Email Can Tell Marketers

July 1, 2014

Social media, digital photos, transaction records, and emails--these are all part of the big data puzzle. How to effectively collect, manage, extract insight from, and take action on this avalanche of data are questions that every organization now faces.

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How to Unleash the Power of Developer-Led Innovation

June 26, 2014

In this slide show, compiled with input from SendGrid CEO, Jim Franklin, eWEEK presents nine rules for the developerization of IT.

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These Colorado devs are crushing it on GitHub, part 2

June 26, 2014

We all hear about the great products being built within Colorado’s digital startups. But we often hear about this digital work in the eyes of CEOs instead of our city’s most dedicated and creative employees: our developers.

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Inc. 35 Under 35 - SendGrid

June 24, 2014

Isaac Saldana wants to build tools that make life easier for developers. SendGrid is just the start.

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